Bear Lake - Canberry Academy - 2013

this past week was super busy, and super fun. 

it started out with 3 days in bear lake at my grandma and grandpa's cabin by the lake. we go every year and we usually stay for a week, but this time we stayed for 3 days (i'll explain in a bit). bear lake is practically my favorite trip of every summer.

we mainly boat, tube, jet ski, and play cards all week. (practically my favorite things)

this year my grandpa rented jet skis and we went jet skiing and pulled tubes from behind it and did knee boarding. 

we played poker and other card games. 

we also decided to watch 1 lord of the rings movie every night (extended edition). 4 hours of lord of rings every night is really a blast.

at the end of the trip we went home and rested a day and then it was on to COUSIN CAMP. 

cousin camp, also know as canberry academy, was so dang fun. my aunt kim and uncle preston hosted it at their house and it lasted 3 nights and 2 days. 

it was hogwarts themed and so you arrived signed in, and got your necessities for the stay. you received gallions that you could spend at diagon alley and then got sorted into your house. 

there were 4 houses (all the names came from origins of the Thayne line)

Malkinthorn (my house)

each house had their own animal and their own common room and had house elves (little cousins). 

throughout the camp you had ways to earn points and then eventually see if you win the house cup.

we had competitions like:

defense against the dark arts
broom races
potions class
occulmency training
pine wood derby race. 

houses would work as a team and gain points. 

at the end of the stay it was announced and my house won! 

i didn't really care about winning, all i cared about was that i got to get to know all my cousins better and that was truly amazing. i never realized how awesome my family is!! 

definitely a great week and i feel so blessed to be apart of such a wonderful family. 

playing card games

at diagon alley you can purchase shirts with you gallions
and you can buy treats

me and one of the cutest house elves

  painting our pine wood derby cars. 

malkinthorn house! 

 canberry academy student body

 occulmency training

hatch students

broom races

the winners of the house cup!! 



it took a day longer than expected, because i procrastinate, but i finished the book of mormon! 

this was definitely a life changing experience. 

i have never felt closer to the lord and more comforted by the gospel! 

i believe now that they book of mormon gets better the farther you read. because 3rd nephi, the book of ether, and the book of moroni are like my favorite. 

ether 12:27 is one of my favorite scriptures. and the whole chapter 12 is just really good and how it talks about faith. 

3rd nephi from like chapter 10-18 is really good because is about the coming of Christ, and what Christ teaches. and i really just loved it. 

the book of moroni is like a summary of the whole book, practically, and it really short and sweet! 

i also enjoyed alma quite a bit, the part where alma is writing to his sons and teaching them is really good! 

i have so many favorite parts to share, and i'll have to write more of them down in this post in a earlier hour. . .